Panels of chemical analyses are grouped according to the stage of winemaking and individual juice and wine tests are available. Results are delivered with rapid turnaround by email. Every effort is made to provide accurate results quickly and accurately. In-house standardization is systematically performed. Interpretation of lab results and suggested recommendations of appropriate winemaking decisions are among the other services offered. 


pH by pH meter $15

Titratable Acidity (TA) by pH meter $16

Free SO2 by aeration/oxidation $16

Total SO2 by Ripper analysis $20

Residual sugar glucose fructose by enzymatic analysis $23

Malic acid by enzymatic analysis $23

Acetic acid by enzymatic analysis $32

Alcohol by alcolyzer $34

Ammonia by enzymatic analysis $25

Assimilable amino nitrogen by colorimetric analysis $28

Brix by densitometer $20

Turbidity by turbidimeter $14



PANEL 1: Grape Maturity PanelIncludes: Brix, pH, TA. Sample volume: 200 berries in ziplock bag $35

PANEL 2: Juice PanelIncludes: Brix, TA, pH, ammonia, assimilable amino nitrogen. Sample volume: 50 mL $80

PANEL 3: Juice Panel plus MalicIncludes: Brix, TA, pH, ammonia, assimilable amino nitrogen, malic acid. Sample volume: 50 mL $95

PANEL 4: Post-fermentation PanelIncludes: residual sugar, malic acid, acetic acid. Sample volume: 50 mL $65

PANEL 5: Routine Chemistry PanelIncludes: pH, TA, free SO2, alcohol. Sample volume: 150 mL $60

PANEL 6: Complete Chemistry PanelIncludes: alcohol, pH, TA, free SO2, total SO2, RS, malic acid, acetic acid. Sample volume: 150mL $135